Ancient Thira
We start with the town built on the hill “Mesa Vouno”, dominating the southwestern shores of the Thira isle and founded by Dorian settlers in the 8th cent. BC. It consisted, right from its foundation to the end of the ancient era, the urban, administrative and religious centre of Thira.

A cosmopolitan seaside resort in the southwestern side of Santorini. The long, black-colored beach stretching all the way to the roots of the Mesa Vouno. The waters are crystal-clear, blue and deep.
A cobbled-stoned street, amazing for rambling, stretches alongside the beach, following the bay’s crescent-shaped seafront. We will stop here for around 60 minutes for lunch, coffee or swim, as well as to regain strength for our next destination!

Exo Gonia
One of the few villages in Santorini that remains untouched by tourism. Lost in the island’s plain, it has preserved the way of life of an age bygone. The life of its residents has the element of “between us.” Its taverns, however, are famed for the exceptional nibbles they offer. Narrow paths, beautiful houses, spacious yards, where locals greet happily those passing by and invite them for a short party. The village has no accommodation for tourists.

  • Optionally, a guide or photographer is provided throughout the excursion.
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