Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, Santorini
Among Santorini’s sights, the prehistoric settlement discovered in Akrotiri holds sway. It consists of one of the most important archaeological sites in the Aegean. It stands on the southwestern tip of the island, 15km away from the Phera. Excavation started there systematically in 1967.

Red Beach
Grab your camera and get ready - such landscapes are not to be found everywhere...
While Santorini has several of the sort, Red Beach’s landscape is truly unique: Dark blue waters, with the mountain towering above them, crimson and black, composing a unique landscape. This interesting and special morphological character puts the Red Beach among the fascinating shores in the world.

The biggest and most famous beach on the island, where you will have time to enjoy your swim in crystal-clear waters crashing on black sand, go for lunch, a drink or coffee.

Wine Museum  
It is the sole underground Wine Museum in Greece, being 8 metres below ground. It is shaped like a labyrinth and stretches for 300 metres, presenting the history of wine and the daily life of the Santorini’s vine dresser since 1660. Visitors are toured around the facilities while seeing depictions of wine’s history. In the end, visitors have a chance to try four of the best wines of the modern winery, in a specially designed tasting space.

  • Optionally, a guide or photographer is provided throughout the excursion.
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